Hola, My name is Linda! Also known as MOM, Mamá or MamáBird. Creator of HighMamaBird (HMB)

"High" for Highly elevated frequencies 
"Mamá" Nature's Best elements available to us all through Mamá Earth
"Bird" reminder to keep our heart energy balanced and light

I want to help change lives through what I know best, Nature.

At highest frequencies of all LOVE!

Born and raised in Southern California and living with my beautiful family where we enjoy homeschooling, animal recuses and planting anything that we can cultivated and bring to life!  

Whether it's a tiny jar of herbs, petals, oils, a sacred feather, seashells or an Aura readings or ceremonies, I am all about higher frequencies! Utilizing ancient remedies of our sacred Mother Earth's frequencies in all my work. In working with those transitioning in to their next realm (hospice), chemotherapy recovery, those with night terrors, as well as anyone seeking wellness to elevate and clean their Auras energy field.

My intentions are that each item, Aura Reading or ceremony will bring peace and help magnify your spiritual journey!
My tiny treasures are handcrafted, made to order and never sitting on a shelf. 

Submerged in the highest sound frequencies of piano, sound bowls, drums and ocean waves. Always sealed at the optimal times of sunrise, sunsets, and moonlights energies. Honoring our four directions and e
thically sourced, harvested, and collected from seed to new home. 

Helping our beautiful Mamá Earth we limit plastics as a one time use and encourage our glass bottles, jars and eco-friendly packaging as reusable. Even our ribbons are reused as plant ties! 

With every purchase my family and I will plant something into our future community garden, or donate to featured charity. Here to all seeking alternative wellness through Nature's Best Elements at the HIGHEST frequencies! 




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